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Can I transfer to another programme? EMFSS and 2U programmes only

Please submit your transfer request through the Student Portal. This is done either by logging an enquiry* (please select the category ‘Transfer Request’) or if available on your programme, via the Change Request button on the ‘My study’ page.  

When filling in your transfer request, please answer the following four questions:  

Please select the level of qualification you wish to transfer to: (please select from the drop-down menu on the screen) 

Please confirm the programme you wish to transfer to: You can find a full list of programmes we offer on the Programme Regulations page. 

Please confirm the Scheme/Route/Pathway you wish to transfer to: If Scheme/Route/Pathway is available, you will be able to find all information on the Programme Regulations page. 

* If your programme is on the Coursera platform please email the program support email address as listed in your orientation course.   

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